Время: 96 hours

Irkutsk city – Circum-Baikal Rail Road – Olkhon island – Listvyanka settlement – Irkutsk city

DAY 1. Irkutsk city

Arrival to Irkutsk in the second half of the day.

Meeting at the airport with a guide. Transfer to the hotel, check-in at the hotel.


City tour in Irkutsk, about 3 hours.

During the tour you will see:

The historical beginning of the city where the Irkutsk burg was located; The Savior Church; Cathedral of the Epiphany; Kazan church; Memorial complex "Eternal Flame"; Monument to Peter and Fevronia of Murom; Polish church; Monument to the pioneers; Moscow gate; Kirov square; Znamensky Convent; Place of execution A.V. Kolchak, a monument to A.V. Kolchaku; The central historical street of Karl Marx; Okhlopkov Drama Theater, a monument to Vampilov; Monument to Alexander III; White House., Decembists museum (Volkonskikh).


Accommodation in a hotel.

DAY 2. Circum Baikal Railway

Breakfast in the hotel.

Transfer to train station.

Tour to Circum Baikal Railway (STEAM train) (is a kind of museum of engineering constructions and building art. It is the place where the stonework of tunnels' portals, bearing walls, arches and different picturesque rocks have run into one in a remarkable manner. Railroad includes monuments of architecture, engineering and technical art (tunnels, galleries, bridges, viaducts and bearing walls).

Arrival to Listvyanka in the evening.

Transfer to a hotel / restaurant.


Check-in at the hotel in Listvyanka.

Day 3. Olkhon island

Breakfast in the hotel.

Transfer: Listvyanka - Irkutsk – Olkhon island.

Olkhon is the largest island at Lake Baikal. It is 71 km long and 15-25 km wide. Olkhon is the most beautiful and mysterious place at the lake. The climate and landscape here are different from the rest of the lake. Average temperature in Summer is 20-23 °C above zero, many sunny days, rains are seldom. In winter there is not much snow, windy, temperature is about -20 °C. Nature of Olkhon is outstandingly various: there are gorgeous sandy beaches, spacious steppe hills, dramatic capes, pine-tree forests and picturesque rocks, beautifully coloured with yellow, red, orange lichens.

Lunch on the way in the Ethno - café "Golden Horde".

Folk show, ritual of shaman.

Crossing by ferry boat: Sakhyurta - Olkhon.

Transfer to Khuzhir by UAZ.

Arrival to Khuzhir in the evening.

Dinner in a hotel.

Accommodation in a hotel.

Day 4. Olkhon island, Cape Khoboy

Breakfast in the hotel.

Tour to the Northern part of Olkhon island – Khoboy cape all day (At the northern part of Olkhon there is a bright showplace of Baikal – Khoboy cape. A majestic mountain, which looks like a tusk from shore and a woman profile from the water-side. The place is notable for its many-voiced echo, which is reflected from a high rock. Perhaps that is why since ancient times Khoboy is considered a sacred place. By the way, according to the legend, the first Baikal shaman was born here. In June, you can find Baikal seals here, which swim here to soak up the sunshine on the coastal stones below. And in winter, from February to April, the cape is famous for its insanely beautiful ice grottoes - the most beautiful on Baikal.

Not far from Cape Khoboy, to the west, is an interesting shamanic place. You can find it on the posts of the spirit of the ship, about the serge, which are installed there. Taylagans, shaman prayers are performed there. They say that in this place the first Baikal shaman received his ability. From the sea, Khoboy reminds a female profile. According to legend, this is a frozen Buryat, who insistently asked the spirits to have the same palace as her husband. The spirits were angry at her and turned into stone, leaving to stand as long as human envy and greed lived on earth).

Lunch included.

Dinner in a hotel.

Accommodation in a hotel.

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