Bears and volcanoes: faces of Kamchatka. Tours to the Valley of Geysers traditionally include visits to another impressive place, the Uzon caldera. This giant volcanic cavity is filled with lakes, colourful puddles and fumaroles, hence its extraterrestrial look. The standard tour program includes swimming in the Nalychevsky Hot Springs and exploring the Karymsky and Maly Semyanchik volcanoes by helicopter. The average trip length is 6 to 7 hours. It will take you this much time to travel 200 km in one direction and another 200 km back. You will certainly not regret it, because coming here is like visiting another planet. Routes including flights around volcanoes are equally popular among tourists. Standard tours involve visits to two volcanoes, say, Avachinsky and Koryaksky or, alternatively, Mutnovsky and Gorely. It usually takes about 15 minutes to get there, and flying over the volcanoes takes just as much time. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the highest active volcano in Eurasia. An excursion to Plosky Tolbachik is highly interesting, a volcano known throughout the world for its eruption in 2012. Today, it is surrounded by lava fields, craters created by volcanic eruptions and dead wood.

Khabarovsk Region:

The Ussuri black bear, the white-chested bear, the Himalayan bearThe Far Eastern taiga is rich with its unique flora and fauna resources. Among the representatives of the fauna, the black bear and, of course, the Amur tiger listed in the Red Book occupy a special place. The route to the territory of “Durminsky Forest Hunting Reserve” LLC will give you the opportunity to enrich your knowledge about the Amur tiger: you will take part in the conversation about the habits and the way of life of the Amur tiger in the visitor center, and you will get acquainted with its protection ecological program. After having refreshed your knowledge, strike out boldly to the tiger traces passing which you will be able to feel an incredible adrenaline rush, as the hiking trip takes place in the wild virgin conditions that were created by nature itself. Do not be surprised if you see fresh traces not looking like human on your way back moving through the previously passed paths. These traces can belong to either hoofed inhabitants of the Far Eastern nature, particularly to the Far Eastern red deer, roe deer, wild boars, or to the bigger wild animals – bears or tigers. Highly experienced jaegers are in charge of the safety on the route.