Стоимость: from 4 550 ₽ / person
Количество человек: up to 6 people
Время: 3 hours

Walking tour. The length of tour: 3 hours

One of the most famous sights of Moscow is our metro. Every day thousands of Muscovites use it and much people don’t even notice how unusual and peculiar each metro station is. It looks more like a fairytale castle that delights with its uniqueness. Our guide will meet you at the hotel and you will go down to the metro. During the tour we will be able to visit the most famous and beautiful metro stations.

But like other attractions the metro is shrouded in many secrets and legends which our guide will tell you about.

Old Arbat is alive history of our country. Every tourist is in a hurry to visit it because it is not only a busy street with cafes and souvenir shops, but also a kilometer long road to our past.

You will see:

  • Station Ploshchad Revolyutsii (Revolution Square), Kiyevskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Komsomolskaya, Belorusskaya, Mayakovskaya and others
  • Museum-apartment of Pushkin, a monument to the poet and his wife
  • House-Museum of Lermontov
  • Old mansions with stucco molding
  • Famous restaurant "Prague"
  • Gift shops
  • Street musicians and artists

On the tour you will know:

  • which stations are no longer on the map
  • which metro line was the very first
  • how the finishing materials for construction were delivered
  • who else inhabits the metro subway
  • mysterious stories about time portals
  • who lived and lives on the Arbat
  • what transport used to go along Arbat
Number of people in the group: Cost per person in the group:
1 pax 9 100 ₽
2 pax 6 250 ₽
3 pax 5 550 ₽
4 pax 5 100 ₽
5 pax 4 800 ₽
6 pax 4 550 ₽
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