Стоимость: from 3420 ₽ / person
Количество человек: up to 45 people
Время: from 3 hours

A sightseeing tour of Moscow lasts about three hours, during this time we will have time to get acquainted with the main attractions of Moscow, we will have several exits for a photo - Red Square, the Sparrow Hills, Poklonnaya Hill. The guide will also tell you in details about the history of Moscow and the architecture of its streets and squares.

A more extended version of a sightseeing tour in Moscow lasts about four hours and includes time for a walk along Red Square - the center of Moscow.

A sightseeing tour always leaves a good impression, because Moscow is becoming more beautiful from year to year. On a sightseeing tour, foreign tourists and guests of Moscow get acquainted with the visiting card of Russia.

The cost of a sightseeing tour of Moscow per group 3 hours 4 hours
Group from 1 to 3 people (individual guide + foreign car) 15 500 ₽ 17 300 ₽
Group from 4 to 5 people (individual guide + minivan) 16 300 ₽ 18 400 ₽
Group from 6 to 15 people (individual guide + minibus) 17 200 ₽ 21 900 ₽
Group from 16 to 45 people (individual guide + bus) 21 800 ₽ 26 400 ₽
#1 Jean Hamilton 2019-10-15 14:18
Thank you for our tour

It was well organised on time and very informative as well as being light and fun

I would recommend to anyone visiting Moscow
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