Стоимость: from 3 525 ₽ / person
Количество человек: up to 50 people
Время: from 2 hours

Nearest metro station: 10 min. on foot from M. "Tsaritsyno", "Orekhovo" or from the railway platform "Tsaritsyno"; by car-arrival by novotsaritsynsky Highway, St. Dolskaya, 1

Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11:00 to 18:00 (ticket office until 17:30), Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00 (ticket office till 18:30)

Day off: Monday, Tuesday

Many mysteries and legends wander around the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, which historians still discuss. After more than 200 years, our contemporaries were able to recreate the idea of their predecessors and maintain the charm of antiquity.

In 1775, Prince Kantemir sold his estate to Queen Catherine II, who called his acquisition "Tsaritsyno". He commissioned the work from the most famous architect, Vasily Ivanovich Bazhenov, to create a new residence. After the death of Catherine II, the construction of Tsaritsyn completely ceased, and at the end of the XIX century, the Tsaritsyn complex was destroyed. In 1992, it was transformed into a historical-architectural artistic and landscape Museum "Tsaritsyno". During the tour, the guide will help to answer important questions that affect almost all visitors - Why did Catherine II order to demolish the buildings?

What was the first name of the current "Tsaritsyno"? What fate did the ensemble of the palace and park expect for 200 years? And what secret signs did Bazhenov leave in the walls of the Palace? A walk in the museum will be for you not only a pleasant pastime, but also a really exciting journey into the past of history.

Cost of excursion to Tsaritsyno estate:

13 500 ₽ (tour guide for a group of 20 people) + 3 550 ₽ (entrance tickets per person to the Museum)

Guide-translator in English, German and French. A guide in some other language - Italian, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Finnish, and others-is available upon prior request.

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