Стоимость: from 3 475 ₽ / person
Количество человек: up to 50 people
Время: 1 hours

Address: Volkhonka street, 15

Directions: M. Kropotkinskaya

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 18:00

Day off: last Monday of each month

The Cathedral of Christ The Savior is distinguished not only by its location, becoming the main Church of Moscow, but also by its greatness! There can be about ten thousand people. During the tour, the guide will take you to the distant 1839, when took place the solemn laying of the Foundation of the future temple in memory of the victory of the Russian people on the 600-thousandth army of Napoleon, and will introduce a whole layer of history and culture of the time.

We will conclude our journey into the present, when the Russian "Bogatyr" with all its power and greatness will rise on the embankment of the Moscow River. You will see the decorations of the artistic with its frescoes. The Cathedral of Christ The Savior occupies a special place in the life of the Church, Society and the state. The historical monument has become a pilgrimage center and claims to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list!

Cost of excursion to the Cathedral of Christ The Savior:

12 500 ₽ (tour guide for a group of 20 people) + 3 500 ₽ (entrance tickets per person to the museum)

Guide-translator in English, German and French. A guide in some other language - Italian, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Finnish, and others-is available upon prior request.

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