Стоимость: from 7 150 ₽ / person
Количество человек: up to 6 people
Время: 2 hours

Walking tour. The length of the tour is 2 hours

Stalin's Secret Bunker is one more secret of Moscow. Whoever would like to visit the reserve point of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and see where the leader of the Soviet people gave his orders during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

The Stalin underground block includes:

  • Conference Room of the Headquarters of the Supreme High Command of the Red Army. In the center of it stands a round table for meetings. The dome is made in the room, serving not only as an architectural decoration, but also acting as a speaker system. The fact is that Stalin had a quiet voice and, thanks to the dome, the soundwas amplified. During the wara carpetwasin the center of the hall andamplifying pronounced sounds spreaded under the domesoftly.
  • The office of Joseph Stalin. This is a very small room where are preserved the furniture and things the leader used, including sofa and armchair, desk and telephones, table lamp and bookcase, books and other items. On the walls you can see portraits of Marx, Engels and Lenin. There is also a map with military reports on which officers of the General Staff noted the position of troops on the fronts. Currentlythe situation developed under the capital in November - December 1941 is recorded onthe map.
  • Dining room. The dining room was decorated in Georgian style, one of its walls was lined with natural stone. Among the exhibits you can see kitchen stuff was brought from the Gori city, where Joseph Dzhugashvili was born in 1879. The underground complex also included the general’s office, the leader’s lounges, military service and support rooms.

Museum Attractions:

  • There are telephone,presented during the war, and the leader’s tobacco pipe, the Order of Victory(the dictator was awarded twice)in the window. The main part of the order is made of platinum,the gold medalliondepicting the Kremlinis in the center of it, as well as rubies and 121 diamonds weighing 16 carats
  • Posters of the Great Patriotic War period from the funds of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces are posted on the walls
  • Sculptural portraitsof the leader and the paramilitary jacket of 1939are exhibited, as well as the gramophone and records with the voice of Stalin.
Number of people in the group: Cost per person in the group:
1 pax 16 500 ₽
2 pax 10 900 ₽
3 pax 9 000 ₽
4 pax 8 100 ₽
5 pax 7 500 ₽
6 pax 7 150 ₽
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