Стоимость: from 4 350 ₽ / person
Количество человек: up to 6 people
Время: 3 hours

Walking tour. The length: 3 hours

The unique architectural and park complex of VDNH was formed by 49 monuments, 45 of which are of federal significance. The majestic pavilions of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition - VDNH of the USSR became a precious symbol of the Russian architectural school - the Soviet Empire, neoclassicism and modernism. Experienced guides will help to understand the difficult history of the “Soviet Versailles” and answer all questions about the architecture and landscape design of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition - VDNH.

You will see:

  • arch of the main entrance;
  • pavilions dedicated to various industries and republics;
  • magnificent fountains: fountain called "The friendship of people fountain", the Stone Flower, the Golden Spike;
  • a model of the Vostok rocket, which on April 12, 1961,Yuri Gagarin circled the Earth in 108 minutes by;
  • the model of the spacecraft "Buran";
  • Hotel "Cosmos", built specifically for the Summer Olympic Games, held in Moscow in 1980;
  • An impressive monument to "Conquerors of the space" and the Cosmonauts Alley;
  • The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman statue are another symbol of the Soviet Union.

You will know:

  • how the appearance of VDNH changed over time;
  • when and for what the Exhibition was conceived;
  • who were the creators-architects of the main expo of the USSR;
  • what happened at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition during the Great Patriotic War.
Number of people in the group: Cost per person in the group:
1 pax 11 000 ₽
2 pax 7 000 ₽
3 pax 5 700 ₽
4 pax 5 000 ₽
5 pax 4 600 ₽
6 pax 4 350 ₽

The price includes the services of professional guide-interpreter in English, German, French and entrance fees to the Bunker.

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