Стоимость: from 6 700 ₽ / person
Количество человек: up to 6 people
Время: 4 hours

Tour by car. Duration: 4 hours

The Russian Orthodox Church is the largest autocephalous or independent church Eastern Orthodox Church in the world, with 40 and 80 million members! We invite you to visit the most important and beautiful temples and cathedrals of the city of Moscow!

Meet Your Moscow guide at the hotel and take a tour dedicated to the holy places of Moscow!

The first stop will be the monastery "Novodevicy", probably the most famous monastery in Moscow. There are many legends and stories about this monastery. In fact, it looks like a medieval fortress, and Muscovites often call it a mini-Kremlin. Then you will be taken to the Cathedral of Christ The Savior. It was built as a national monument to express the gratitude of the nation to God for the salvation of Russia.

The last visit will be to the Church of St. Basil, the most famous attraction of the Red Square. The cathedral, built in the XVI century in memory of the conquest of Kazan by Ivan the terrible, is actually a group of nine churches or chapels that are on the same foundation.

After that, we'll take you to the hotel.

During the tour, you will see:

  • The monastery "Novodevicy"

    It has 12 towers that were made in the likeness of the Kremlin towers. Inside the monastery you can find 14 buildings, and 8 of them are cathedrals. It is an important landmark in Moscow and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    The monastery is associated with the historical, cultural and religious development of Russia. He acted as a prison, an orphanage, a hospital, a shelter, a religious institution and a museum. He was visited by women of the royal family and aristocracy. The monastery is an example of the highest achievements of Russian architecture with rich interiors and an important collection of paintings and artifacts.

  • Cathedral Of Christ The Savior

    The Cathedral of Christ The Savior, one of the most impressive and controversial buildings in Russia, has a short but turbulent history. In 1883, the huge and extremely expensive Cathedral was consecrated, and its huge copper domes dominated the Moscow skyline. However, the construction and decoration of the Cathedral takes almost the same time as the original. It was chosen by the Soviet government for destruction, and in 1931 it was disassembled to make room for the alleged Soviet Palace.

    The symbolic meaning of this place was confirmed after the collapse Of the Soviet Union, when the ambitious mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, has joined forces with the Orthodox Church to rebuild the cathedral as part of a reconstruction project worth 360 million dollars, which was completed in 2000.

    The interior is breathtaking, the cathedral is decorated with intricate frescoes that extend over the entire surface of the walls.

  • Church Of St. Basil

    Each capital has a famous landmark that makes it easily recognizable. In Moscow, a similar attraction is the Cathedral of the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, better known as the Cathedral of St. Basil, near the Red Square. For almost 450 years, this architectural complex of unique beauty and grandeur fills our hearts with joy, excitement and pride.

    Can you believe that the original color of the Cathedral was white to match the white stone of the Kremlin? Starting from the 17th century, they began to paint the facade and Dome in wonderful colors, which are visible today. They say that the pigment is taken from the biblical account, The Book of Revelation, of the Kingdom of heaven.

Number of people in the group: Cost per person in the group:
1 pax 20 550 ₽
2 pax 12 200 ₽
3 pax 9 400 ₽
4 pax 8 000 ₽
5 pax 7 200 ₽
6 pax 6 700 ₽

The rate includes an expert guide-translator in English, German, French and entrance fees for temples and cathedrals.

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