Стоимость: from 17 400 ₽ / person
Количество человек: up to 40 people
Время: 72 hours


09:00 meeting of the group at the airport. Luggage storage at the hotel.

10:00-11:00 Breakfast in the city cafe.

11:00-14:00 Bus tour of the city. From the windows of a comfortable bus you can see modern buildings and passages modestly standing for centuries, you will drive along modern avenues and ancient streets. Another feature is the tolerant attitude between religions. Here the belfries alternate with minarets and the gospel echoes with the azan. During the excursion you will drive to central square named Tukay square, square of the 1 of May, Freedom Square, square of Sultan Galeev. You will admire sparkling winter parks and appreciate the beauty of the city from the observation deck, where you take amazing photos against snow-covered Kazan. You will be got amazing shots, don’t doubt! You will visit one of the main places of interest of Tatarstan is Staro-Tatarskaya sloboda. During excursion you will be acquainted with culture of nation and its traditions.

14:00-15:00 lunch At the restaurant with national standard "Halal".

15:30-16:30 Museum of Islamic culture. The exposition of the Museum is devoted to Islamic civilization, the peculiarities of its development in the Middle Volga region, reveals its place and role in the culture of the Tatar people. There are topics about the history of religion, prophets, primary sources and the foundations of Islam. There are of interest a set of items for prayer-prayer - prayer rug, compass for finding directions to Mecca, rosary, mock Kaaba.

16:30-18:30 Walking tour of the Kazan Kremlin – of the object of UNESCO world heritage site. You will see ancient white stone walls and towers, including the falling tower of Syuyumbike, Governor's Palace that was built on the place of Khan's Palace, and also the Mausoleum of Kazan Khans. During the tour is provided a visit to the Annunciation Cathedral and the pearl of Kazan - Kul Sharif mosque, which combines prayer halls, and is also a cultural and educational center.

Transfer to hotel. Settlement.

Free time.


Breakfast at hotel.

08:50 Meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby.

09:00-19:00 Tour to Bulgar The ancient city of Bolgar, the historical homeland of the Tatars, is located on the right bank of the Volga River, 200 km from Kazan. The city from where Islam spread throughout the Volga region. You will be fascinated by the land of the Volga Bulgars with its rich beauty and landscapes. You will visit the Museum-reserve, see the Northern and Eastern mausoleums with a 700-year history, as well as the most mysterious and majestic building of Bulgar-the black chamber. An experienced guide will tell you about a beautiful and mysterious legend associated with it. White mosque will amaze your imagination, and staying on this historic land you will feel like a real archaeologist-traveler.

14:00 Lunch in the restaurant “Genghis Khan” of the city of Bolgar with the national standard "Halal".

19:00 Return to Kazan.


Breakfast at hotel.

10:00 Meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby.

10:30-12:30 Excursion "Islam, Muslims, mosques." Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda is a historic district of Kazan, located on the right Bank of the Lower Kaban lake, where loyal Kazan citizens were resettled in the 16th century after the conquest of the city by Ivan the Terrible. Tour of the Old Tatar settlement is an opportunity to plunge into Kazan of 18-19 centuries, where, without exaggeration, each house is associated with outstanding names for the Tatar history and culture. In the 18th century prominent figures of the Tatar people lived in the Settlement: intellectuals, clergy, merchants and Industrialists. During the tour,you will know the history of the Old Tatar settlement and the overview of the Blue mosque (Fourth Cathedral), Burnaev mosque (Third Cathedral). You will v isit the most beautiful pre- revolutionary mosque of the city "Asimovskaya" and the First Cathedral mosque of al Marjani.

12:30-13:30 Museum house of merchant Mullin. Old Tatar manor merchant Mullin. One floor is occupied By the "Museum of Tatar hospitality. The upper floor is a photo Studio with Tatar costumes and a hall for creative classes and master classes. Visit program: excursion, interactive and Tatar tea party with sweets.

13:30-14:30 lunch In a restaurant with national standard "Halal" with a master class in Tatar cooking. Tourists discover the secrets of cooking one of the national dishes. The process is accompanied by the story of the origin of the food. After this dish is served on the table.

14:30-15:30 Visit The Madrasah Muhammadiyah. It was one of the most famous educational institutions among the Tatars of Russia in the late 19th century. The founder of which was a prominent educator, religious scholar, reformer and philosopher Galimzhan Galeev Barudi. Madrasah "muhammadiyah" was known not only among the Tatars, but also among the Turkic peoples. For 36 years of its existence, the madrasah has released more than a thousand students and gave them primary, secondary and higher religious education. Since 1993, the Madrasah "muhammadiyah" has opened its doors again, where more than 1,000 students study today.

15:30-16:30 Master class "Tatar costume" in the Tatar national village "Tugan avylym" you will not only see a variety of Tatar folk costumes, but also be able to try them on, feeling like a resident of medieval Kazan. Photo shoot and photo printing as a gift!

16:30 End of the program. Transfer to airport.

The cost of the tour, in ₽ for 1 pax,: The Hotel 3* The Hotel 4*
In the group from 1 to 6 person от 28 500 ₽ от 28 900 ₽
In the group from 7 to 10 person от 22 700 ₽ от 23 100 ₽
In the group to 20 person от 20 300 ₽ от 20 700 ₽
In the group to 30 person от 18 700 ₽ от 19 100 ₽
In the group to 40 person от 17 400 ₽ от 17 800 ₽

The tour price includes: accommodation in the hotel of the selected category (check-in after 14-00, release until 12-00); meals according to the program; accompaniment of the group by a tour guide; entrance tickets to museums according to the program; transport services according to the program.

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