Стоимость: from 3 475 ₽ / person
Количество человек: up to 50 people
Время: 1 hours 15 minutes

Working hours: from 10:30 to 18:00

Day off: Monday

The Hermitage is one of the most famous museums in the world and the Treasury of St. Petersburg, consisting of five buildings that are located on the Neva embankment, Millionnaya street and Palace square. It is so elegant and concise that it can easily compete with the Louvre in France.

In the Winter Palace, we will see hundreds of temporary and permanent exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, luxurious collections of ceramics and silver, archaeological finds and centuries-old cultural monuments, which we will not even have a week to get acquainted with. A tour of the main halls of the Hermitage will not only be a fascinating walk through the incredibly beautiful interior of the Museum, but also a great guide to the historical past of different countries of the world.

The cost of an excursion to the Hermitage:

12 500 ₽ (guide for a group of 20 people) +3 650 ₽ (entrance tickets per person to the Museum)

Guide-translator in English, German and French. A guide in any other language - Italian, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Finnish, and others-is available upon prior request.

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