Время: 264 hours

The path "The Lost World" begins in one of the most beautiful and pristine corners of the Far East among the rocks of Dusse Alin.

This route is suitable for those who want to see the most amazing beauties of Khabarovsk and at the same time do rafting on the mountain river. The route is diverse, after the preparation of the equipment, the helicopter leaves the group on the shores of Lake Medvezhye – "Pearl of the mountains", from here the walking path begins stretches for 25 km.

Along the way, the group will visit the huge waterfall "Neozhidannyy", the Canyon, rocky cliffs and smaller waterfalls.

The route lasts three days.

Once at the place of departure, after the sauna you return to rafting.

In six days of travel you can be lucky enough to see a bear, a deer, an elk, a roe deer, or a Siberian mosco.

Already the first meters on the Bureja River will show its beauty, landscapes, untouched nature, vivid emotions and unforgettable adventures-this is what you will see in this interesting route.

Route: Khabarovsk, S. Briakan (Polina Osipenko District).

1 Day

Meeting in Khabarovsk.

Departure of the group to Briakan. Travel from 10-12 hours. Transportation is a convenient tourist vehicle: Toyota Hiace, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Gazelle business with soft seats.

2 Day

Helicopter flight around the mountain "Gremyachiy log".

Accommodation in a mountain hut "Gremyachiy log".

Rest, acclimatization.

3 Day

Walk on the mountain "Gremyachiv log".

Visit to the waterfall Zateriannie, Lake "crow feathers".

Climb to the top "Chemodan".

Back to camp.

4 Day

Exit to the lake "Medvezhye" and then to the waterfall.

Overnight: near the waterfall.

5 Day

Return to the base camp passing by Lake Medvezhye.


6 Day

Stay in the camp.

Mountaineering course.


7 Day

Exited through the Lake "Gornoye".

The path to the lake. "Korbohon" through the waterfall "wedding dress".

Overnight: Lake Korbohon.

8 Day

Back to camp.

9 Day

Stay in the camp.

Preparation for departure from the field.

Excursions to the top "Neprestupniy".

10 Day

Departure for Briakan.

11 Day

Departure in Khabarovsk. Traveling from 10 to 12 hours.

In the price is included: helicopter rental round trip; round trip from Khabarovsk to S. Briakan and back, on an all-terrain vehicle; basic medical first aid kit; three meals a day, active participation in the kitchen; satellite line (in case of emergency); sauna; health area; supply of basic and group equipment (tents, shelters, bonfires, etc.); the work of qualified instructors; reserve services; protection from wild animals; accommodation in S. Briakan on the day of departure, on the day of arrival; permission to visit the Reserve.

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