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The taiga of the Far East is rich of unique flora and fauna. Among the representatives of the fauna, the brown bear and the Amur tiger, which in the Red Book occupy a special place.

Route on the territory of the "Durminskoye Nature Reserve” will allow you to learn more about the Amur tiger: during the visit they will tell you about the habits and lifestyle of a Siberian tiger and inform you about the program of Environmental Protection. After that you can safely follow the tracks of the Tiger, passing by which you will feel adrenaline discharges, because the journey will take place in the wild, in a natural environment and not conditioned by man. Do not be surprised if, returning to the paths that you have traveled before, you will see fresh traces of animals. They can be footprints of roe deer, wild boars and larger animals such as bears and Tigers. You will be accompanied by experienced guides and they will take care of your safety.

1 Day

Meeting at Khabarovsk International Airport.

Transfer and accommodation in hotel "Intourist".

Guided tour of the historic center of the city.

2 Day

Transfer to the hunting farm "Durminskoye".

Lunch at the farm "Durminskoe".


Visit to the farm "Durminskoe": an introductory conversation about the habits and lifestyle of the Amur tigers, explanation of the Ecological Program with the aim of protecting endangered animals and safety instructions during the tour. Departure to search for tiger tracks and demonstration of photo trapping. Finally a real Russian sauna.

3-4 Day

Tour of the territory of the farm with stops at the fresh tracks of the tiger, hunting tiger, accompanied by an expert guide, the installation of photo traps on the trails of the tiger and in the places of the marking.

Departure in the evening to the territory of the hunt with the opportunity to see its inhabitants: deer, roe deer, wild boar, small mammals.

5 Day

Excursion to the village of Gvasyugi: knowledge of the life and routin of the inhabitants with their traditions, visit to the Museum of culture and concert of national groups.

Daily departure for hunting territory with tiger hunting.

6 Day

Full-day excursion to the rehabilitation center of wild animals "Utes" with lunch. Meeting with the staff of the center, tour of the Rehabilitation Center and explanation of activities.

Daily departure for hunting territory with tiger hunting.

Night Picnic around the bonfire in the taiga.

Russian Sauna.

7-8 Day


Transfer to hotel Intourist

Free time.

The price includes: accommodation in hunting huts at the base, sauna, three meals a day, transfer, guides, videos and photographs from the photo traps.

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