Время: 288 hours

Program: climb

In Kamchatka about 30 active volcanoes and more than 160 turned off.

From above the Kamchatka is similar to the Sahara. Only there at the base of the landscape are gigantic sand dunes, and the relief is created by volcanoes. Snowy peaks shine on the horizon. The whole Kamchatka is a huge Museum of stone giants under the open sky. Once six plots of Kamchatka, where volcanoes coexist with glaciers, geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, natural mud and lakes, recognized UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

The most famous of the volcanoes of Kamchatka is Klyuchevskaya Sopka. She is very young, born only about 7 thousand years ago, and still continues to grow. The height of the mountain of conical shape increases with each new eruption. It is already the highest of the active volcanoes of all Eurasia (4750 m, the height is constantly growing).

In its activity, Klyuchevskaya is second only to the Hawaiian Volcano Kilauea. Over the past 300 years, more than 50 eruptions have been recorded in Klyuchevskaya, and constant ash emissions do not surprise at all. So, in 2005, the mountain reached a new record: the ash rose to the sky by about 5 km. Above the volcano, clouds of steam and gas are constantly formed, but do not rush to climb here, even the most experienced mountaineers did not always manage to overcome this climb.

Description of the programme:

Duration: 12 days

Departures in 2020: 20.07, 24.07, 05.08, 17.08, 23.08, 27.08

Stay: 6 nights in hotel / recreation center; 5 nights in tent

The program is suitable for any person, even a child, because between the climbs there is time for rest.

A great program with an active trip to see Kamchatka: volcanoes, the ocean, fishing, hot springs and anything else according to your desire. A great relationship between relaxation and activity.

On this excursion in Kamchatka are waiting for you:

  • 3 days in the klyuchevsk group of volcanoes, the place where volcanic lava recently poured for several kilometers;
  • climbing the path inside the fault of the Mutnovsky volcano, which will take you to the center of its activity;
  • get to know the Gorely volcano and many of its craters.

You will have the opportunity to visit the famous geyser Valley or Kurilskoye lake with many brown bears.


Tolbachik volcano (3140 M) - Klyuchevskaya volcano group;

Gorely volcano (1829 m) - South Kamchatka Nature Park;

Mutnovsky volcano (2323 M) is a natural park of Southern Kamchatka.


Along the Bystraya river-2 days, the length is about 80 km.


Walk on the Bay of Avaca-6 hours, fishing, marine delicacies;

New eruption in Tolbachik in 2012 created solidified lava waves, lava caves, new cones, slag fields and the "dead forest".

Tour in the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano.

Take with you: a comfortable hiking clothing; water resistant hard sole hiking boots China manufacturer; trekking poles; sneakers; Hooded and waterproof windbreaker jacket; Windproof and waterproof warm pants; Warm Sweater (Fleece) China Manufacturer); warm socks; gloves, warm gloves; warm hat; simple hat; bathroom accessories; sunglasses; sunscreen; cream against mosquitoes and midges; photo and camera; copies of all documents in a sealed envelope.

Additional information


Standard accommodation for the program-in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky hotels and / or in hotels of the resort area of Paratunka (50 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-Hotel "Petropavlovsk"," Geyser", etc.

In P. Paratunka ""Flamingo"," Belkamtur"," Krechet"," Antarius", etc.

The spa area Paratunka is 50 km from the cities of Petropavlovsk and Elizovo. From this zone there are scheduled buses all day. All hotels in Paratunka have hot outdoor thermal pools with healing properties. Grocery stores and coffee shops are nearby.

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