Время: 5 hours

Program: flight

Flight around Gorely and Mutnovsky volcanoes / volcano’s caldera Ksudach/ Khodutkin’s hot Springs

Kamchatka is famous in all world as the land of volcanoes, here there are more than 300 of them. This itinerary will allow you to admire from above the Mutnovsky volcano’s crater and the acid lakes of the Gorely volcano.

The excursion into the caldera of the ancient volcano Ksudach also includes the excursion of two lakes: Shtubel and Klyuchevoye, separated from each other by a narrow bridge.

On the thermal springs of Khodutka, you can not only see the hot thermal river and enjoy the wonderful views of the Khodutka and Priemish volcanoes, but also relax after a wonderful excursion.

Description of the programme:

Departure from the airport.

A modern airport complex includes a comfortable waiting room, a cafe and a souvenir’s shop. If necessary, we arrange a transfer from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and recreation centers to Paratunka.

Flight around the volcanoes Gorely and Mutnovsky

  • Gorely volcano is a chain of 11 craters, around and within which there are numerous lakes and fumaroles. The summit is located at an altitude of 1.829 meters above sea level.

    The duration of the flight is 15 minutes.

  • The Mutnovsky volcano is one of the largest geothermal deposits in the world. From the crater of the volcano come out volcanic gases mixed with steam. The height is 2323 meters above sea level.

    The flight to the Mutnovsky volcano from Gorely takes 10 minutes. The total duration of the flight is 15 minutes.

Ksudach volcano’s caldera walking Tour

Walking Tour along the shore of lake Klyuchevoye, visit the hot beach. Duration-20-30 minutes.

Ksudach is a UNESCO World Heritage site of a geological nature. The eruption that destroyed the cone of the volcano occurred in 1907. The ashes of this eruption can be found even more than 200 km to the North.

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