Время: 24 hours

Camping on black beach of Khalaktyrsky: the sunset around the bonfire with the raging waves of the Pacific Ocean, unique starry nights and the magic of sunrise.

In the camping on Khalaktyrsky Beach: 8-seater tents / bedrooms for 2-3 people.

In every room:

  • A soft bed
  • Soft and clean bed linen
  • Warm winter blankets
  • Soft pillows
  • Set of towels for each guest
  • Gas heater
  • Table and chairs
  • Lighting
  • Candle

In each tent we can change the configuration of the beds:

  • a double bed
  • a double bed and a single bed
  • two or three single beds

Things to do near the ocean: in our field you can spend a perfectly planned day by our team with a high level of comfort and safety.

Activities on Khalaktyrsky Beach: you can make new experiences riding horses along the coast, surfing ocean waves on a surfboard or crossing the beach on a fatbike.

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